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Inscape is a literary magazine you may hold, read and adore. It features quality works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and visual art. It's compiled and edited at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. It likes to take risks.

For Those of you Interested in submitting Art or Writing, please view the submissions page for guidelines as well as the F.A.Q page for commonly asked questions about the submission process.

Every Year, Inscape gives out The Inscape Magazine Award. This is awarded to the artist or author in the following categories: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry and Art. To check out the winning works, head over to the Washburn University Book Store where you can buy the issues from 2009 and forward. Here is a list of the past award recepeints.

2012 Winners
Fiction: "All the Time in the World" (Charles Wray, KS)
Nonfiction: "At the Window" (Tanner Ballengee, KS)
Poetry: "Hospice" (Sereen Sultana, MD)
Art: "Composition 7" (Hall Jameson, MT)

2011 Winners:
Fiction: "One Night in December" (Elizabeth Kraushar, KS)
Nonfiction: "The Hand Under the Pillow" (Craig Parker, IN)
Poetry: "Love, Awakened" (David Wiens, KS)
Art: "Humanity" (Clint Carney, CA)

2010 Winners
Fiction: "Sixteen in the Badlands" (Dorothy Mack, OR)
Nonfiction: "In Search Of" (Christi Krug, WA)
Poetry: "Killer Rat" (William Keener, CA)
Art: "Koi Pond" (Rebecca Shield, KS)

2009 Winners
Fiction: "Rope" David Bury (KS)
Nonfiction: "Speaking in Tongues" (John Boucher, CA)
Poetry: "Irresistable Empire" (Lisabeth Burton, NY)
Art: "Buddha" (Linnzi Fusco, KS)